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Wiki Administrator User The AdminUser allows you to login without needing to register a user, or to temporarily login as AdminUser using the password set in confi...
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Cloud Cluster FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about using the Data Intensive Cloud Cluster Submit a new FAQ and Answer Note: This creates a new page for a ...
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FAQ: How do I set the proxy in my browser in order to access the job status page for the cluster? Answer: 1 Configure your browser to use the auto configurat...
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FAQ: Is the data in the cloud cluster backed up? Answer: No. The data in the cluster is not backed up. You should make your own copies of the data in order to ...
FAQ: What is the "distributed cache" feature provided by Hadoop? and How can my application use it? Answer: Some jobs require each Map task to read in one or mor...
FAQ: How do I transfer large files between the Cloud Cluster HDFS and a host on campus that is outside the cluster? Answer: $ Transferring into HDFS: To copy ...
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FAQ: How do I access the status page for the jobs? Answer: * First, configure your browser to access the cluster through the proxy serer. See CloudFaqBrowserP...
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FAQ: How do I log on to cluster? Answer: Use SSH to initiate a session to the login node for the cloud cluster: ssh shell.disc.pdl.cmu.local From the login node ...
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FAQ: How do I check the quota for my allocated storage? Answer: HDFS Storage: To check the quota for your home directory use dfs repquota as follows. Note: Raw ...
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FAQ: What happens when I exceed the allocated storage space? Answer: The answer depends on the type of storage being used. Home Directory: For yourhome directory...
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Worker nodes appear to have the following hardware: Component Quantity Model Notes Motherboard 1 Tyan S5393 (part #S5393WG2NR) Bios revision 1....
Reference Manuals and Links for Open Cloud Cluster Hardware and Software NOTE: Please help improving this page by adding manuals and references for the Open Cloud...
PCI bus population on ClusterOverview machines 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 5400 Chipset Memory Controller Hub (rev 20) Subsystem: Tyan Computer Device...
FAQ: How do I access the cluster via ssh when off campus? Answer: You have two options: 1 The Campus VPN: 1 PDL P...
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Overview: Please note that this page is inaccurate while the cluster is being upgraded. The data below reflects the planned hardware configuration after the upgra...
Cloud Cluster External Shared Storage The cloud cluster has 13 nodes of external storage, running a PVFS2 filesystem. This storage space will be available for all...
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FAQ: How do I configure memory parameters for my mapreduce jobs? Answer: Memory Parameters: There are several memory parameters configurable for users: * map...
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Folks willing to share interesting datasets are encouraged to add a page here that describes the dataset, how to interpret it and where to find it. Main.GarthGi...
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r2 - 14 Jan 2011 - 22:09 by MitchFranzos1
FAQ: How do I apply for an account? Answer: Contact PDL and request to be added to the STOAT group Back to: CloudClusterFAQ
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FAQ: How do I change my password (or login shell)? Answer: Use the form at bin/chpw and change the password for your "...
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